Zoomer Robot Dog is an interactive puppy with multiple sensors that enable him to behave just like a real dog. Of course, like any puppy (or kid!) Zoomer might not always listen the first time if he’s feeling rambunctious. He’s all the fun of a family pet without the mess, vaccinations and responsibility.

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Zoomer Robot Dog Feature

Zoomer Robot DogZoomer Robot Dog is an incredible puppy who is playful, affectionate and full of surprises! He does everything a puppy can do. Watch him scoot around, enthusiastically wag his tail, bark, whine, pant and speak. And because Zoomer Dog does act like a real puppy, that means he has his own unique personality…which can be unpredictable at times. Zoomer The Robot Dog can get bored, fall asleep or wander off to explore, so make sure you keep him engaged.

Zoomer Robot DogAs one of the smartest pups around, Zoomer Pet is eager to learn but needs you help. With your training, he can perform some amazing tricks. Simply call his name to get his attention, and then teach him a trick. Zoomer can learn to sit, speak, even shake a paw. These are just a few of his talents. With a little practice, you can even become a Master Zoomer Trainer. Just remember to be patient, because like a real puppy he might forget.

If you’ve ever been asked: “Can we get a puppy?”, then you need to adopt Zoomer. Now children aged 5 and up, can experience all the love and affection of a real puppy without the messy clean up, vaccinations and responsibilities. This fully interactive friend will steal your heart as you scratch his belly and watch Zoomer’s excitement brighten any room. At last, a puppy made just for kids.

Adopt Zoomer and he’ll instantly become part of the family.

Zoomer Dog Description

The Zoomer Robot Dog itself was a very complex toy. It’s not difficult to use, but instead sophisticated and technologically advanced for a toy. The robot dog comes with a list of commands that you can train your dog to perform and through some trial and error the dog will learn (as a real dog will learn) how to perform these commands. It does take some time and patience to get the commands right, but you will have a dog that will do some cool tricks and will even follow you or a toy around a room.

By simply touching your dog’s head you are able to command the dog. Usually this works the first time you request, but there were some times in my experience where you had to ask more than once.

The battery takes about an hour to fully charge and then you can play for some time without recharging. The fact that you charge with a USB, you are not dealing with having to change batteries.

If you and your family enjoy technology, or simply love dogs, this is a great gift for any youngster. Just keep in mind that unless you simply have it in the mode to do tricks, you do have to take the time to train your dog to do the tricks that you want it to do.

So had a lot of fun playing with this robotic dog.

Where to Buy Zoomer Robot Dog

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